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Get Free Chaturbate Tokens for Your Enjoyment

Chaturbate is one of the more popular adult chat and webcam sites. It’s a community of adults interested in the voyeurism. The site utilizes a unique monetary system where you can earn or give fake tokens. It’s been listed as one of the top 15 most popular porn sites in 2015, and 341 in the Alexa global rank.


Chaturbate is run by COO Shirley Lara. She ensures that the platform provides the best experience for broadcasters, performers, and viewers. The gamification of the system with the tipping and fake Chaturbate tokens program has increased its popularity over other similar chat and webcam sites. The site also offers an opportunity for individual self-expression, and from the comfort and safety of a person’s own home. Since it’s an amateur site, there can be a bit of hustle provided, to encourage people to drop by for a visit.


The site isn’t all sex either, there are plenty of fully clothed people simply having a chat. There are different methods of participation on the site. The site has amateurs who can livestream their chats. There are male cams, female cams, couples cams, and transgender cams. You don’t need to participate in order to join the site. You can simply be an viewer to the festivities.


The site offers a safe avenue for people who wish to showcase their talents, and for those who wish to watch them. The site is strictly for amateurs, and licensed and copyrighted materials are not allowed.


If you’ve enjoyed a performance or a chat, you can use the fake Chaturbate tokens to tip a performer. This increases the enjoyment of the chats, and also gives the male or female performer a chance to earn a bit of cash. On chaturbate you can buy twenty tokens for a $1, so everyone can have fun using this system.


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